Local Anaesthetics

A topical anaesthetic is a local anaesthetic used to numb the surface of a part of the body.

The anaesthetic works by numbing the surface of the skin for a short time. It is applied to the skin before performing certain medical interventions, such as general probing, superficial surgery, biopsies, etc.

Products Lubristesic


Therapeutic indications: Lubristesic is a lubricating and anaesthetic urethral ointment for local use that is suitable for general catheterisation, cystoscopies, urethroscopies, urethral catheters, etc.

Composition: Each gram of urethral ointment contains 7.5 mg of tetracaine hydrochloride.

Format: Lubristesic 7.5 mg/g ointment - 1 tube containing 25 g

               Lubristesic 7.5 mg/g ointment - 200 tubes containing 8 g




Therapeutic indications: Indicated for topical anaesthesia of the skin in relation to: punctures, for example for intravenous catheters or the extraction of blood samples and superficial surgical intervention in adults and the paediatric population.

Topical anaesthesia of the genital mucosa, for example before superficial surgical procedures or local infiltration anaesthesia, in adults and adolescents aged 12 or older.

Topical anaesthesia of ulcers in the lower extremities. Only in adults.

Composition: Each gram of cream contains 25 mg of lidocaine and 25 mg of prilocaine.

Format: 30-gram tube


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